Digital communication strategy

We put a strategy for you based on:

The realities of the web

  • Optimizing natural referencing (SEO)

  • Put useful and unifying links (RS, forums, blogs, banners and digital campaigns)

  • Respond to the needs of the Internet user visiting your site: ergonomics, presentation of relevant responses and conversion

  • Provide solutions to the problems of Internet users visiting a site

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Adapted digital strategy

Capture the attention of visitors on the move, at your points of sale or at your places of consumption in order to better gain notoriety.

Improve and expand your distribution channels. Develop a mobile application for a fluidity of the information transmitted,

Basics to offer useful information at the right time for the user, advertising optimized for mobile devices, the digital strategy aims to optimize the user’s journey on the platforms used.

Communication strategy

The variation of resources used for competition communication has more and more filters on the internet unlike traditional communication. The information is digitized and then indexed so that everyone can find it. The indexing of content remains at the heart of the problem of digital communication. Choose your themes according to the heavy trends of Internet users.

Again, an existing demand must be met.

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Odoo • Image et Texte

Social media

Without real knowledge of the codes, the techniques to apply you start from square one, from the foot of the wall, you can see in the conquest of social networks a stimulating and captivating challenge, but you will quickly run into real difficulties, and make in the face of blocking situations.

Between the jargon, good practices to know, interfaces sometimes impractical ... difficult when you start. What's needed ?

Entrust CODAGE with your digital strategy.

Mobile communication

Recognize the behavior of your audience

Provide a flawless user experience

Reconsider developing an application

Take advantage of social networks and videos

Invest in advertising

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Odoo • Image et Texte

Content management

Internet communication results in the creation of various referable content and especially in relation to the requests of visitors. You have to build content

which are all answers to questions from Internet users.

Corporate web communication

Your company has its own visibility needs depending on the sector of activity and types of customer relationship management.

Select the RS relevant to the visibility of your business and potential targets.

Segment companies and brands with adapted digital scenarios and strategies to gain customers and therefore your turnover

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Odoo • Image et Texte

Digital communication

Internet communication crosses 3 points of view:

The user’s point of view: page ergonomics and interactions should be fluid

The point of view of companies: promises that meet expectations

The technical point of view: adapted use of possible technologies (responsive, hybrid, app service, etc.)

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