Digital strategy

The objective of the audit

Improve your existing digital business model or develop complementary axes. Depending on your specific objectives (reputation, generation of contacts, development of turnover, etc.), we will establish a concrete roadmap to prioritize the implementation of the levers.

To take stock of an anarchic, inorganic and ineffective digital communication activity, the audit is a breath of fresh air.

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Creative idea

Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or service.

To be effective, your content must be useful to your readers.

Start with the customer: find what they want and give it to them.

Choice of communication media

Whether advertising banners, digital campaigns, social networks, the creation of a blog or its own site, the internet is the essential media.

Benefiting from a very large audience responding to all communication needs whether information, advertising, marketing or exchange with its market and its customers, the internet is the ideal means, and henceforth, of benchmark, to make itself known and to promote its offer, its products and services.

The other advantage of this support is that it remains constantly evolving and interactive. All this leading to a global strategy to optimize.

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Monitoring and return on investment

One of the strengths of the web is the ease of studying retrospectively

the actions implemented. Obtain statistics on traffic analysis, monitoring of user behavior, analysis of

clicks, your future actions should benefit from past experiences. A good digital agency

knows how to measure the performance of these services and your return on investment..

Build your marketing strategy

Digital agency, supports you in the development of your digital marketing strategy to optimize your return on investment in the most effective way possible. To do this we establish you a detailed diagnosis of your current situation in order to identify your future communication strategy.

We put in place the guidelines in terms of strategy in order to achieve your objectives and also obtain satisfactory results.

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SEO / SEA referencing

  • Referencing

  • RSEO referencing

  • Local referencingl

  • Google SEO Strategy

  • Google SEO

  • Natural reference

  • National referencing

  • RNational referencing

  • Professional SEO

Position yourself on search engines

Boost your visibility to reach your audience. As a specialist in strategic advice, we are implementing a robust strategy adapted to the context in which you find yourself.

We take care of the marketing side by offering you tools and techniques that will allow your business to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Adapt to the change in your environment and your customers. Entrust your digital marketing strategy to CODAGE to benefit from professional expertise and guarantee the success of your strategy

Start with the customer: find what they want and give it to them.

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