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  • Choose domain extension made in Cameroon


  • Opt for the commercial expansion in the world
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  • Link your site to the extension created for internet professionals
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  • Soulignez votre activité d'intérêt public ou liée à la collaboration
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  • Highlight your public interest or collaboration activity 
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  • Share your knowledge or information on the internet.
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  • Introduce yourself as a serious and professional actor
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  • Present your store with elegance 
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  • Choose the appropriate area for your Start-up 



               E-mail adress

Communicate with an email address customizable to your domain name: your domain pack contains 1 email address of 2 GB of space with antispam / antivirus available from webmail or client software.


                Web Space

Benefit from a static web space of 2 GB and a monthly traffic of 10 GB (incoming / outgoing), an FTP account. If you want to create a small site in html, you will not need another hosting.


             Statistical Tool

With Awstats, you will get the necessary steps for a marketing analysis of your site. You will appreciate the graphic views and the history of the collected data: visitors' provenance, number of visitors, pages visited, and more.


             Website Creation Tool 

Our publisher gives you access to 1 preconceived page to present your blog or your site. Choose from our available templates, enter your content and publish your site in just a few clicks.


          Unlimited subdomains 

Using subdomains can be very useful for creating multiple blogs, a space for an online store, a mobile version of your site, and so on. With unlimited subdomains, create as many subdomains as you need.


                DNS management

Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) zones by pointing your domain name to the site of your choice in complete autonomy thanks to a simplified interface that allows you to manage and configure your registrations.

Why trust CODAGE

         The expertise of a group

It all starts with a domain name.

         Solution to all needs

We offer a wide range of products and services to maximize the digital strategy of our customers. Our solutions are adapted to all needs and budgets.

         Accompagnement personnalisé

Nos consultants web, spécialistes produits, chargés de compte et experts techniques vous guident à travers des conseils personnalisés pour répondre à vos besoins et vos exigences.

Choose the right domain name

Transfer of domain name

Your domain name will be renewed by one year and will bring you more:
hosting, an email, a site builder, and more.


Simplified transfer procedure


Advanced configuration of DNS zones


Telephone support and message


A domain name is an internet domain identifier that uniquely defines a person, a company, an organization on the Internet. For example, the coding domain name is "".

A domain name consists of two parts separated by a dot. The first part is a name chosen by you, and the second part is an extension that can indicate a type of activity or a geographical area. Thus, the .cm extension refers to Cameroon, .com to commercial activities.

Generally, a domain name can be registered by everyone. However, each extension has its own naming and domain assignment rules that must be respected.

For example, .Africa is awarded to the natural or legal person who can justify his attachment to the African continent.

If the domain name you want to register is not available, Amen offers to save it to another extension or variation (for example, with dashes).

You can use either what your domain pack contains (web space, email), or create a website using a hosting (Linux or Windows), a site creation tool without technical knowledge (Website) or an online sales site creation tool (E-commerce).

Technically speaking, a domain name is an IP address whose characters make more sense to humans and are easier to remember than a sequence of numbers.

DNS management allows you to point your domain to the DNS zones of your site and modify the different types of records such as MX, A, CNAME, etc.